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Omer Sabic
I think they should run a patreon page so we can support the development and they can dedicate some of their professional time to the project
Hi guys, i am new to devilbox. Just want to know if any of you used it also for production and not just local development
Per Nielsen Tikær
Suddently my devilbox won't start: https://pastebin.com/xw6ZqzX6 - any advice?
Hi! I trying to start devibox at first time. I have problems when i use command docker-compose up. My errors is:
services.bind.ports is invalid: Invalid port "", should be [[remote_ip:]remote_port[-remote_port]:]port[/protocol]
services.bind.ports is invalid: Invalid port "", should be [[remote_ip:]remote_port[-remote_port]:]port[/protocol]
services.memcd.ports is invalid: Invalid port "", should be [[remote_ip:]remote_port[-remote_port]:]port[/protocol]
services.mongo.ports is invalid: Invalid port "", should be [[remote_ip:]remote_port[-remote_port]:]port[/protocol]
services.mysql.ports is invalid: Invalid port "", should be [[remote_ip:]remote_port[-remote_port]:]port[/protocol]
services.httpd.ports is invalid: Invalid port "", should be [[remote_ip:]remote_port[-remote_port]:]port[/protocol]
services.pgsql.ports is invalid: Invalid port "", should be [[remote_ip:]remote_port[-remote_port]:]port[/protocol]
services.redis.ports is invalid: Invalid port "", should be [[remote_ip:]remote_port[-remote_port]:]port[/protocol]
services.httpd.ports is invalid: Invalid port "", should be [[remote_ip:]remote_port[-remote_port]:]port[/protocol]
what can i do to fix it?
sorry, i understand! LOCAL_LISTEN_ADDR= must have : in the end if string

Hi guys!! I'm trying to run devilbox on production and it's working well. Also, I'm using it in only for one project, not multiple. But I'm trying to Install let's encrypt and it's being a struggle at the moment. Does someone have devilbox running on production? I tried to use this project mentioned on devilbox documentation: https://github.com/bigxu/nginx-acme.

But I'm also having problems with, because this project has not much documentation: Thanks!

Felix Mosheev
Hi all, there is any way to reverse proxy using nginx to some server on the host?
Felix Mosheev
Found the answer! on Mac you can access the host by pointing to: host.docker.internal :]
Hi all, does anybody know why Imagick on PHP 5.6 can't read PDF files? Is there any solution for this? Thanks
hello all I have done everything right but I can't show the file in the browser after adding htdocs and ./data/www and everything is fine but I still can't show the pages in localhost. am I missing something. please advise
Peter Nerád
hi i have some problem with bind container
forwarded dns response reach bind service .. but no output is given..
no response is giver.. sorry for my bad english
Peter Nerád
It is possible to add to bind container something like interface-automatic: yes ?
Peter Nerád
ok i do it myself..
i installed: Deadwood is a program that allows one to have a recursive DNS cache on their
Windows system.
Peter Nerád
Now AutoDNS is working like a charm (Docker Tools + VMware Workstation, no needs to manually edits hosts file on Windows)
Stochanskiy Bogdan
Hi! How I can work with project in another place in my PC? In this dirrectory I made symlink ./data/www/my_project/htdocs
ln -s /var/www/my_project htdocs
...and this don't work.
PS. Project has work directory /public
Peter Nerád
symlink public directory
Stochanskiy Bogdan
ln -s /var/www/my_project/public htdocs
don't work, 403 Forbidden
What is the correctly name of symlink?
Symlink may be exist in ./data/www/my_project/htdocs ?
Stochanskiy Bogdan
I think that symlink in the container don't view the local PC files with project. May I share it for container ?
Peter Nerád
can you see your folders inside php container ?
Hi does anyone have any experience installing devilbox on chromebooks?
Stochanskiy Bogdan
How I can connect from container with database on PC localhost ?
Stochanskiy Bogdan

I can't connect with db in my local PC. But my local postgres config allowed all connections.

psql -h -U postgres
psql: could not connect to server: Connection timed out
Is the server running on host "" and accepting
TCP/IP connections on port 5432?

Martin Strnad
hi can i find somewhere info about what php version is builded in actual images ?
Hi folks!
Nice docker by the way
Hello, in the docs, is this the way to share devilbox to internet https://devilbox.readthedocs.io/en/latest/corporate-usage/shared-devilbox-server-in-lan.html ?
and if it is, what is the "Devilbox server" ip, how i get it? , is my local machine ip, my public ip, or some docker ip?
getting pretty sure getting devilbox to work fine with xdebug on ubuntu is kinda impossible... for me anyway. really have no clue what i am doing wrong. following docks guide like 1:1 and still no luck. :(
tried like phpstorm and vsc. same issue. like totally deaf.
Dmytro Kamyshov
Hi people!
pls help. I have devilbox almost "out of the box", just some customization...
my tld is TLD_SUFFIX=test
but I need one exception
one project with custom name, for example dev.site.ua
I read this https://devilbox.readthedocs.io/en/latest/vhost-gen/virtual-host-templates.html
and made custom site/.devilbox/apache24.yml vhost file with VHOST_NAME replaced with correct name.
apache started to serve correct dev.site.ua name... BUT
SSL certificates still generated for site.test name!
what docs you suggest to read about that or is that possible to change behavior of certificate generation?
@cytopia ?
by the way, thank you for the great job!
@demwarlord Can you run 'docker-compose logs -f' and then rename your virtual hosts directory (or restart devilbox)? Once you do, your terminal will output logs and you can search for something like openssl req -newkey rsa:2048. That line will eventually lead to something like subjectAltName=DNS.1:EXAMPLE.loc,DNS.2:*.EXAMPLE.loc\n.. If that doesn't match up with your .ua tld, you may want to edit the .env file to include both test and ua as tld so the certificates can generate both
Tom Morton
@demwarlord Try the above and see if that works. You may just have to add any TLD that you need to the env file and restart.
Juan José Zermeño G.
i want to setup a cron
to run mysqldump-secure
but i dont know the path of mysqldump-secure on devilbox
every time i got this "/bin/sh: 1 : mysqldump-secure: not found
Juan José Zermeño G.
i found it on /usr/local/bin
Dmytro Kamyshov
@tmort @ghost~5da8621ed73408ce4fce2e25 You suggest to put both test and ua to TLD_SUFFIX=test,ua ?
Théo Takla
Hi everyone, is there something to do in order to use a .htaccess file ? I can't find anything in the docs, yet my .htaccess doesn't work (and it works with XAMPP instead of Devilbox). I noticed that nginx was on my dashboard, does that mean that I have to "switch" from nginx to apache ? How could I do that ?
I updated to Catalina and now AutoDNS is broken, anybody else has the same issue?
Nikos Papagiannopoulos
has anyone tried PHP interpreter with docker-compose in PHPStorm ? I can connect with docker but not docker-compose.
The problem is by connecting with docker I have no access to the other containers i.e. Database.
Saurabh Datta
Hey anyone know how to set the signing certificate expiry?