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Repo info
    Patrick B
    @devmark can you support ?
    Harish S
    Hello guys,
    Has any one been able to successfully use 'angular-slick-carousel' with Angular2. I am using angular2-seed (https://github.com/mgechev/angular-seed) and I was not able to use 'angular-slick-carousel'.
    If any one has already implemented, can you please share the steps.
    Thanks in advance.
    Corey Harville
    @ajmujaa I am having the EXACT same problem and it's frustrating. Instead of a photo I get a thin line, maybe 1 pixel tall, where the photo is supposed to be. Have you found a workaround/fix for this? Please advise.
    Punita Ojha
    This message was deleted
    Ciao e buonasera a tutti vorrei impostare il carosello senza l'opacità ai lati delle immagini che scorrono ma tutte le immagini rimangano a opacity 0 e' possibile?
    Hi and Goodbye to everyone I would like to set the carousel without the opacity to the sides of the images flowing, but I would like all the images to remain opaque 0 and possible?
    Hernan Bessera
    Hello World! Does anyone implemented angular-slick in angularjs 1.6.4?
    Jaymie Jeffrey
    I have
    Nilkanth Shirodkar
    Need some help, on change of event slick silder is not working can anyone please help me
    Tõnis Terasmaa
    For the life of me I can not get the slick element to properly initialize
    must be something to do with the asynchronous loading of the content
    Also the doc's lack a proper example on how to use slickConfig
    There it says *controller: and then there is the scope object named slickConfig
    I've got an array that I iterate over with ng-repeat creating the slides
    Tõnis Terasmaa
    I mean, do I have to inject something into my controller for this to work ?
    Jaymie Jeffrey
    i created a directive
    then in the controller created an init method
    and invoked it from the directive
    Tõnis Terasmaa
    well... there was an error in my async loading -.-'
    Jaymie Jeffrey
        function directive() {
            return {
                restrict: 'A',
                scope: {
                    question: '=pkSlider',
                    options: '=',
                    onSelect: '&'
                controller: 'PKSliderController',
                controllerAs: 'controller',
                bindToController: true,
                templateUrl: 'app/core/directives/pk-slider.html',
                link: lnkFn
            function lnkFn(scope, element, attrs, controller) {
        function controller(pkSliderService) {
            var self = this;
            // Method binding
            self.init = init;
            function init(element) {
            function updateSliderOptions() {
                if (self.answers.length) {
                    self.sliderOptions = pkSliderService.updateOptions(self.options || {}, self.question.id, initCallback, afterChangeCallback);
            function initCallback(event, slick) {
                var index = pkSliderService.getInitialAnswerIndex(self.question, slick);            
                if (index) slick.slickGoTo(index);
                self.currentSlide = slick.currentSlide;
                pkSliderService.setSelectedAnswer(self.question, index);
                self.onSelect({ index: index, direction: slick.direction, question: self.question });
            function afterChangeCallback(event, slick, currentSlide) {
                var index = self.answers[currentSlide].index;
                self.currentSlide = currentSlide;
                pkSliderService.setSelectedAnswer(self.question, index);
                self.onSelect({ index: index, direction: slick.direction, question: self.question });
    and my service is where I set the actual init options
        function service($interval, answerProvider) {
            return {
                updateOptions: updateOptions
            function updateOptions(options, questionId, initFn, afterChangeFn) {
                return angular.merge(options, {
                    dots: false,
                    swipeToSlide: true,
                    centerMode: true,
                    focusOnSelect: true,
                    prevArrow: '<button type="button" class="btn btn-link left-arrow"><span class="fa fa-chevron-circle-left"></span></button>',
                    nextArrow: '<button type="button" class="btn btn-link right-arrow"><span class="fa fa-chevron-circle-right"></span></button>',
                    appendArrows: '.piiick-question-' + questionId + ' .slick-arrows',
                    event: {
                        init: initFn,
                        afterChange: afterChangeFn
    i've removed any code that you don't need
    but that's how I got it all to work
    Tõnis Terasmaa
    Hey, a quick question, does slick copy classes of children ???
    when i set one child class "active" all other children get it as well :S
    anyone else encounter this issue ?
    Tõnis Terasmaa
    That last one was my own bug. :D
    but I've encountered another problem.
    There's a known issue with the angular-slick-carousel: devmark/angular-slick-carousel#72
    Here is a CodePen demonstrating the behaviour: https://codepen.io/tonister/pen/WZBQyz
    Tõnis Terasmaa
    Anyone know any solution for this ?
    Carson Locke Ross
    @rstellar same problem here....
    when I update the data through websocket , the carousel blinks, how can I solve it? Does anyone have the same problem?
    Carson Locke Ross
    @fantaishao same problem
    Has anyone had any issue with configs for carousel within a carousel?
    I've been having trouble having nested carousels... it keeps the config of the parent carousel
    Doug Kinnison
    Hey all. Anyone know a good way to turn off the click through on mouse drag? I have an array of clickable items and when I drag them, it fires a click on the one i'm over on mouse up.
    Nadine Fisch
    Hi, I am using AngularJS v1.7.4 from the bower_components inside of wordpress. now i want to use the angular-slick-slider, but it seems not to work.
    John Michael Biddulph
    hi, I am trying to get the carousel up and running in my angular project
    I am stuck on this bit: Add the sortable module as a dependency to your application module: slickCarousel
    anak mamak
    has anyone ever made a carousel image from a slick slider in AngularDart ?
    Is anybody there
    carousel can't use
    John Michael Biddulph
    Anyone here?
    John Michael Biddulph
    I am using this: https://www.npmjs.com/package/ng-slick-carousel
    I would like to add 2 buttons to manually slide next and previous, can anyone help?