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    Andrew Andrew
    Hey, join our chat and leave a request to get installation tutorial and community support.
    Contact us at team@devmetrics.io for other options.
    Hey I would like to check my dashboard in devmetrics
    and it is asking for username and password
    and I am using my login credentials and not working
    app id is -- app-95693716
    Andrew Andrew

    @srinivas-gorantla please check link for Kibana dashboards: http://goo.gl/sLa6b6
    There are some events for your app token. And also take a look at grafana dashboard for your app_id: http://www.devmetrics.io/grafana/app-95693716/

    Just choose "7 days" in the date picker to see your events.

    Andrew Andrew
    @srinivas-gorantla well, I double checked, actually there were some problems with account access, but currently it's fixed
    Benyamin Dvoskin
    can i get an installation tutorial?
    Andrew Andrew

    @benyamindfring Hi! What configuration do you plan to use? Logs or metrics? Or both?
    We logs for recommend ELK stack, for metrics InfluxDB for storage and Grafana as UI.
    Logstash could be used for both stacks as a simplification, for metrics-only you can go with statsd.

    Do you plan to deploy on linux? Which one? Cloud?

    Benyamin Dvoskin
    Linux on AWS. I was thinking to go with ELK all the way, as we already have it set up.
    Andrew Andrew
    @benyamindfring Take a look at our guide http://www.devmetrics.io/blog/post/running-private-instance-at-digital-ocean, that's about digital ocean, but we use at our deployments same configs for AWS.
    Also take a look at our repo: https://github.com/devmetrics/devmetrics-instance
    ELK is great for logs, but for metrics, especially talking about dashboards and usability, Kibana4 is not so good as Grafana.
    That's why we have a custom configuration for Logstash to send metrics to influxdb, so you can use Grafana for analytics and dashboards
    Benyamin Dvoskin
    got a specific question if you don't mind. I'd like to use this for a very small thing as a start. just monitor our nodejs applications (that run using PM2), and send reports when an application crashes and restarts. how would you implement such a thing?
    with devmetrics of course
    Andrew Andrew

    @benyamindfring Well, that's a common task. There are two main things you need to monitor, uncaught exceptions and accidental restarts.
    Restarts logging depend on used node tools/stack, but here is the basic example:

    var cluster = require('cluster');
    var workers = process.env.WORKERS || require('os').cpus().length;
    var devmetrics = require('devmetrics-core')({'app_id': 'benyamindfring'});
    if (cluster.isMaster) {
      devmetrics.warn('Starting cluster with ' + workers + ' workers');
      for (var i = 0; i < workers; ++i) {
        var worker = cluster.fork().process;
        devmetrics.warn('worker ' + worker.pid + ' started.');
      cluster.on('exit', function(worker) {
        devmetrics.warn('worker ' + worker.process.pid + ' died. restart...');
    } else {
      var http = require('http');
      http.createServer(function (req, res) {
        var a = asdasd.za;
        res.end("I'm a server!\n");
      }).listen(3000, "");
      devmetrics.warn('Started simple server');
    process.on('uncaughtException', function (err) {
      // your custom handling
      process.exit(1); // the best practice is to restart app after unhandled errors

    Hosting full stack looks like an overkill for such monitoring. You could use the hosted version, it's free for up to 1M events/month. Our lib uses UDP to send data so that wouldn't create any notable performance or network overhead.

    We recommend hosted installations for huge volumes of data or for really sensitive user data.

    Benyamin Dvoskin
    Hi, I've seen devmetrics a while ago, and it seems you guys changed your direction a bit. am I right? you are now focusing on google analytics?
    I'm asking because I'm looking for something to gather metrics from my nodejs applications and ship it all to kibana
    (elastic, etc..)
    things like http duration, cpu usage (both of the nodejs, and of the machine that it runs on), mem usage, gc collection, runtime of the node pid, etc.
    is that something you are doing?
    Venkat Dulipalli
    Hello guys, what is the direction of dev metrics now?
    KauĂȘ Gimenes
    Hello, the devmetrics dashboard is not working? timeout here.