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    Jack Davis
    The forum has moved to Discord. Go to developes.com and click on chat room to go there

    '''class AppDelegate: UIResponder, UIApplicationDelegate '''

    I don't know how this code thing works ... anyways can somebody offer any advice?
    This error occurred and I don't know what to do next...

    Hi everyone. Is anyone familiar with the Former fw from Github?
    Raghvendra Srivastava
    Hey everyone i have to create orm framework in swift
    What type external framework should i use for receiving response from api and store in orm
    And if offline mode get data from there
    Should i use coredata or realm or anything as
    Anyhelp regarding architecture
    Mark Price
    Hey everyone we moved the chatroom
    Anton Soloviev
    Sketchy Swift
    Hello guys
    @spentak Can you integrate this to discord instead of gitter?
    Isaiah Weaver
    Hey I'm working on an app assignment but I wanted to add a networking error to the project. One that looks like this: http://forums.androidcentral.com/attachments/google-nexus-10-tablet/51236d1355614625t-facebook-network-error-no-internet-connection-screenshot_2012-12-15-15-15-05.png . For the assignment I am not allowed to use a UIAlertController or a 3rd party library. Does anyone have any tips?
    @shahisa Hey
    @shahisa We've moved to a new chatroom https://discord.gg/0eJQ7YrHTEuVHmKG
    Well use this if the other link doesn't work
    can i use chromecast to watch the video?
    Gurusamy Dharmar
    Your course on Android looks fantastic. I would like to take your course. At the moment it is very costly($199) for me. May I request you to give me best discount.
    Hey Mark I'm a New Backer to Devslopes- Have no clue what I jumped into- but looking forward to learning
    What exactly is Develops? It’s lifetime access to Udemy videos?
    Hello, I am Dawlatzai and I want to join this chat room to get help from you in iPhone developemnt.
    Jason P
    This message was deleted
    Alsey Coleman Miller

    hey guys, sorry in advance for the shameless plug. Please like my FB page for my Bluetooth product developed in Swift 3.0


    Chashmeet Singh
    hey guys need a help
    Now that I purchased Devslopes, how do you access the existing courses on UDEMY? Is there a login that we can use or how does it work?
    Hi! Can you help me with exercise for Lecture 57?
    I cannot figure out how to select between two heroes
    Jason P
    hey! I was wondering what " segue.destinationViewController as? BlueViewController" does from lecture 63.
    What exactly is this line of code doing? Why is there a question mark after "as"?
    Paul DeFilippi
    Hi. Is the only way to communicate through the discord chat room?
    how to implement pdfSaving using BNHtmlPdfKit
    Hi everyone! Could someone help me how to make 2 objects alternately appear. Thanks in advance! Newbie here.
    I had a problem when I ran my application in landscape mode. I fixed it with this one line : let position = touch.locationInView(self.superview?.superview). It was just let position = touch.locationInView(self.superview) before. Why does this fix work?
    Darrik Marstaller
    i just noticed that the iOS 10 & Swift course is now in devslopes, but it shows as $200. I backed the kickstarted for $100 so shouldnt I have it for free?
    Mike Low
    Aloha Mark! Since I am a Gold Member with your Kickstarter, I was under the impression that I receive all courses free that are offered through Devslopes. I am asked to pay for some of your courses. Did I misinterpret the Kickstarter offer?
    Mike Low
    Just a follow-up, Mark. I guess the question is that although I see the "Redeem Coupon" that covers the cost of the course, why am I still asked for credit card info to access the tutorials?
    Reza Ramezani
    Hello guys. Im trying to call a func every 15 sec even app is in the background . How can I do this?
    Hello can you please explain how to redeem (since I am an early bird gold member) the course ios 10
    how can reposition textfields while editing without using scrollview
    Reza Ramezani
    Hello any body can tell me how to get primary language code in swift ?
    lyrical quotes
    How do I get my free courses?
    lyrical quotes
    Logan Arnett
    Anyone built a MacOS app in swift that accesses a 3rd party webcam? not having any luck with getting the live preview. I can see the light turn on so I am activating the camera but no access to the stream
    Mark Price
    @evanmayo hey buddy
    Help!!!!!...xcode 9.1 playground is not showing results ...How can i fix this pls. Thanks
    Reza Dehnavi
    @cudez close your project and open again. Also you can update to 9.2
    @Hoorad Get primary language code?!! What’s meaning of that?