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Oct 2015
Oct 27 2015 16:32
@spentak found a nice tutorial on auto layout here it helped a lot to understand some of the auto layout basics
Mark Price
Oct 27 2015 16:44
great. ill bookmark it
Mike Tchoupiak
Oct 27 2015 20:48
@spentak How come your Apple TV App Development for tvOS is only $10.00 now?
Mark Price
Oct 27 2015 20:49
Its not. some people have Udemy coupons that they can use on any course
Mike Tchoupiak
Oct 27 2015 20:58
ok I see
Oct 27 2015 22:43
Hey @spentak , just starting your course. I generally watch Udemy course on my iPad and follow along on my laptop, but the font size you recorded the lessons in are pretty small (I prefer them that way myself for coding) but for teaching, you might want to consider increasing the size :). Its pretty hard to follow along on iPad with the small font size.
Oct 27 2015 22:53
@Beefycoder I believe he increases the font-size later on.
@spentak btw I missed this in the survey but I noticed that when you zoom on part of the screen, we don’t see the console for example or some other parts that you mention in your speech. Not a major issue but I wanted to point it out before you record new videos :)
Mark Price
Oct 27 2015 22:58
Yeah I'm redoing all of the beginning videos about Swift