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Oct 2015
Oct 30 2015 00:05
Are the files that you create in the Model folder always Swift files, and the files in the View folder always Cocoa Touch class files?
Evan Leong
Oct 30 2015 04:08
Ah I see, thanks buddy
Oct 30 2015 05:27
Hey guys, I was wondering if I could get a little help on Lecture 77 "MyHood"? I am at 37:02 in the video (testing that it worked but Mark forgot to dismiss the view) and I am running the debugger, turns out that I am saving and loading data but it's not showing in the table. The table worked with static data but once I added the instance it's not displaying. It probably something small I am missing but could someone take a look?
Mark Price
Oct 30 2015 16:44
ill take a look @Wrenbjor
@Wrenbjor maybe try tableView.reloadData() in viewDidAppear
because viewDidLoad is only ever called once - when it is loaded for the first time
Oct 30 2015 17:27
Hi, @spentak and chat. I was finishing the exercise in Lecture 34 about StackViews and while it worked on iPhone 6, when I switched to iPhone 4s and landscape the text at the top would not show fully. I tried altering the content hugging and compression from the image below it, but with no luck. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
Captura de Tela 2015-10-30 às 15.17.40.png
Oct 30 2015 17:47
where can i find the code for the exercises (specifically the first app one)
Jack Davis
Oct 30 2015 17:55
look to the right of the lesson vids on Udemy @chaseripken. In the contents pane, there is a download icon that you can download from if any resources are available for that lesson
Oct 30 2015 18:05
@jackd942 thanks!
Sketchy Swift
Oct 30 2015 20:23
@spentak How can we call a random string from an array?