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Nov 2015
Nov 02 2015 04:36
hi guys, completed the multiples app and played with functions in it. Feel free to take a look!
Brenner Haverlock
Nov 02 2015 04:37
Nov 02 2015 16:52

@spentak ok I have been doing some debugging, there were a few bugs that I found and fixed but I am still not seeing my data. I now get this error: "fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value"

import UIKit

class PostCell: UITableViewCell {

    @IBOutlet weak var postImage: UIImageView!
    @IBOutlet weak var titleLable: UILabel!
    @IBOutlet weak var descLable: UILabel!

    override func awakeFromNib() {
        postImage.layer.cornerRadius = postImage.frame.size.width / 2
        postImage.clipsToBounds = true

    func configureCell(post: Post){
        titleLable.text = post.title   // DEBUGGER IS FLAGGING THIS LINE
        descLable.text = post.postDesc

post MyHood.Post 0x00007ff17d8a3bf0 0x00007ff17d8a3bf0
ObjectiveC.NSObject NSObject
_imagePath String! "" Some
_title String! "Flower" Some
_postDesc String! "I like waterfalls" Some

self MyHood.PostCell 0x00007ff17b6b2510 0x00007ff17b6b2510
UIKit.UITableViewCell UITableViewCell
postImage UIImageView! nil None
titleLable UILabel! nil None
descLable UILabel! nil None

Mark Price
Nov 02 2015 16:52
Send me your updated project link
Nov 02 2015 16:52
@spentak it runs, lets me pic a photo, enter a title and desc but when I go back to the table it crashes. I have been debugging for a while now running code traces through the whole process and I just don't get where this error is coming from, it looks like all the data is in the variables, it's just not assigning it...
Nov 02 2015 17:01
@spentak on a side note, great class. Your teaching style is just like mine. I have been programming for 15 years but swift and mobile is new to me. I have been doing web app development for years and I teach PHP the same way you are teaching switf. I think we are close in age too because I get all the obscure references to the same TV shows I watched as a kid ;)