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Nov 2015
Nov 20 2015 00:42
@spentak if I have developed a app photoshop layout and storyboard layout (live @ Is it standard practice to have and experienced developer review the work flow to ensure the code can be written to meet the design?
Mark Price
Nov 20 2015 00:50
Should collaborate together
Chris Aubuchon
Nov 20 2015 01:21
For anyone looking to up their terminal knowledge is a fun workthrough
Evan Leong
Nov 20 2015 01:58
@jonklieman used to do that with a few developers I used to work with. Extremely helpful and thought provoking before any code is written. 👌🏻
Anyone that wants to take a look it's fairly simple concept for an app for my company.
Jack Davis
Nov 20 2015 02:54
good looking app
Nov 20 2015 04:49
@jackd942 thx. I have to say Mark Price's course I have learned the most and have the most fun watching. Looking forward to diving into the code
Mark Price
Nov 20 2015 05:22
Very nice
Felix Barros
Nov 20 2015 23:45
That looks pretty awesome, nice work with the design.