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Nov 2015
Mark Price
Nov 22 2015 01:47
@MRSkinner awesome!!!
This is awesome
Nov 22 2015 06:06
@MRSkinner great job congrats! Going to pick-up on the course soon to get my own app idea in the air soon!
Nov 22 2015 07:32
@MRSkinner that looks really good! Congrats!
Nov 22 2015 13:20
This message was deleted
@HardcoreIOS just for info: I recently finished video about Email login, and Firebase that was manually installed worked perfectly. So its all good. Thank you for your help.
Nov 22 2015 13:58
@MRSkinner nice app! Some say innovation comes with smiplification. Easy to use and does the job of a to-do list. Easy to navigate and work with the lists.
Sketchy Swift
Nov 22 2015 21:33
@andrew-buksha Then try it