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Dec 2015
Sketchy Swift
Dec 07 2015 00:52
@LorenzoZanotto Still there?
I can send the link
Tell me your username
I want to meet you :smile:
edison sim
Dec 07 2015 02:49
@jonklieman do you mean by this book? is it the link
Dec 07 2015 05:09
@EdisonSim yep that's the one. On page 167, great support material to all the Udemy videos. I do about 2-3 hours a night of books and executing the code in the books.
Dec 07 2015 06:13
Hi, this chat is not for Spentak Swift to iOS9 course?
edison sim
Dec 07 2015 06:49
Okay that cool, thanks man will take a look at it @jonklieman
Dec 07 2015 08:48
Thank you @HardcoreIOS just signed in on discord ;) My username is Lorezan
Sketchy Swift
Dec 07 2015 16:57
Got ya
Siew Mai Chan
Dec 07 2015 19:38
Any suggestion on using Amazon SDK? We should use the IOS SDK(objective C) or other alternative e.g AmazonS3RequestManager from Alamofire?