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Apr 2016
Manish R Jain
Apr 03 2016 11:13
Btw, we should talk about Gitter vs Slack. I'm curious about what you guys think.
Ashwin Ramesh
Apr 03 2016 11:51
Gitter is more project oriented and it's good for open public groups
Slack is better for private use within a company, as it has more features like file-sharing, better search, etc.
Pawan Rawal
Apr 03 2016 12:07
Well so, now slack also has only a one step process to invite people so that they can join easily.
Slack can have multiple channels
Then slack can be integrated with a bunch of stuff
You could have error logs coming to slack
Github issues coming
At my company , it's become more of a one stop place where everything(user activity, analytics, server infotmation) can be quickly viewed
Prashanth Koppula
Apr 03 2016 12:11
I like the channel feature of Slack to give light weight structure to conversations. I’m curious to see Discourse + Gitter compare to Slack. Main concern about Slack is the fact that it’s more of a walled garden. May not work well with the open nature of DGraph.
Prashanth Koppula
Apr 03 2016 12:32
Cost is also a factor we need to consider. We’ll have to go in for a paid plan at some point, at $8 per user per month ($6.67 if billed annually). This can multiple and grow quite fast as DGraph usage goes up.
Was never a fan of their email invite. Good to know that there’s a one step process now.
The folks at Free Code Camp don’t seem to be too happy with their experience:
Don’t know if group size is still an issue but this could be deal breaker.
Prashanth Koppula
Apr 03 2016 12:37
Gitten doesn’t seem to have any max room size
Pawan Rawal
Apr 03 2016 12:43
Yes, I guess channels + integrations are some good slack features.
Which might help segregate discussions in a more meaningful manner
though unless we need them, there might not be much to gain from moving.
Manish R Jain
Apr 03 2016 23:01
8 per user per month is way too much.
I wonder how much is Golang paying. They also have a Slack community.
Read the article, doesn't sound good at all. I wonder is Hipchat is up to task on this..