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May 2016
Daniel Compton
May 31 2016 01:11
You know what, I think I prefer gitter at this point, although I think that the discussion about mattermost is highly interesting.
The reason that I proposed slack was because it's convenient to me. However, I didn't realize it was so expensive.
Discuss is great, but seems very formal, which is something I'm not used to.
Prashanth Koppula
May 31 2016 03:23
All good points Daniel. We’ll have to figure this out.
Manish R Jain
May 31 2016 03:28
Yeah, we want to have just one chat platform, not 2. There're very valid points that by having all conversation internally, we lose out on community participation.
Note that we do already run Slack, but just have to pay for the team members, and not the community.
So, either IRC, which sounds like a great option too -- and the nerd in me would be happy to run it -- or Mattermost seem like the options.
@dan-compton ^
Daniel Compton
May 31 2016 04:46
It's totally up to you guys. Now that I realize that slack doesn't scale well (fiscally) for small to medium sized teams, I can't justify pushing for it. TBH, the existing comm infrastructure is totally adequate. I'm drawn to mattermost because it's novel. Unfortunately, that introduces quite a bit of ops overhead I'd think