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Repo info
    Christian Kleinhuis
    hey there, so i did a gitter (ahh what a relief to contact githubers directly) and thanks for your activity and coming back
    so, i have set up a spring app using the archetype maven spring-mvc, which works nicely, as far as i have seen there is not too much that has to be done to get springfox working
    at first @EmableSwagger2, but first thing i stumble upon is that i have to manually instantiate the swagger2controller
    Swagger2Controller swagger2Controller() {
        return new Swagger2Controller();
    without this controller in place no api-doc endpoints are available
    having done that i have then copied the Docket bean config from the tutorial page
    and the apiInfo() i set there gets displayed in the v2/api-doc then, all fine
    i thought the notation of .apis(RequestHandlerSelectors.any())
    would then allow me to spread the @Api and @ApiOperation annotations around the existing controllers, but the api response is just
    swagger: "2.0",
    info: {
    description: "The core ufp api",
    version: "0.0.1",
    title: "ufp-api",
    termsOfService: "termsofservice",
    contact: {
    name: "ck@digitalgott.de"
    license: {
    name: "license",
    url: "licenseurl"
    host: "localhost:8080",
    basePath: "/",
    securityDefinitions: {
    mykey: {
    type: "apiKey",
    name: "mykey",
    in: "header"
    would be nice to get it running
    Christian Kleinhuis
    but i know i am stealing your precious time ;) hope to not bother you too much, and i hope its an easy to solve issue here
    Dilip Krishnan
    Hello! Sorry for not getting back earlier
    You shouldn't have to instantiate the swagger2controller
    Also have u looked at the springfox demos?
    Christian Kleinhuis

    hallo dilip, i have now successful started setting up the project, so far so good, now when i use groupName() in a custom docket implementation this docket does not show in the response :(

    i want to list parts of the backend in the "admin" docket and another part in the "public" docket

    Dilip Krishnan
    U need to add ?group=admin
    Christian Kleinhuis
    thats it, thank you ;)
    Christian Kleinhuis
    hello, my generic class outputs
    $ref: "#/definitions/DataDocumentLink«Formula»"
    i am using utf-8 encoding, but somehow this does not come out correct
    Christian Kleinhuis
    hello people
    how to include swagger-ui into non-spring boot java-config app?
    i am unsure how to "How does one configure swagger-ui for non-springboot applications?" implement using the java config style :(
    updated to springfox 2.3