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Repo info
    Hey, I'm the creator of Photobox and I love your gallery! great job!
    Dmitry Semenov
    thanks =)
    Yanan Guo
    great works! I'm gonna use it in my personal blog site : )
    Ignacio Correia
    Love it. congrats
    Hey there! First of all, great work with PhotoSwipe, it's simply amazing! Second, I have a question: did anyone else have issues with PhotoSwipe on Chrome for iOS? I cannot seem to make it work because the photos are positioned incorrectly the first time the user presses on a thumbnail... Thanks!
    Hey there is someone here ? I'm a beginner with web programmation and i need help for try this package for a website i'm making plz
    Karl Ward
    howdy ... I got a question about photoswipe. I'm trying to figure the logic behind "Low-resolution images are instantly displayed and then stretched to full size". I can't see this is native behavior or even a setting in PS. In PS main example, it seems to scale the small image to full, before loading high-res image over it. However, in my testing environment, it replaces the thumbnail immediately after click, often leading to a grey empty rectangle animating to large, before the large images displays over it.
    So I guess Im asking, is that some custom implementation in JS using events and the API, only replacing the large image AFTER the thumbnail has animated?
    Philippe Azimzadeh
    Hi everyone! PhotoSwipe looks amazing. Unfortunately, I have very little experience with javascript, and while I was able to follow along with the Getting Started guide up to a point, I am lost at the step "Execute PhotoSwipe constructor." Should I be adding the script directly in the HTML file or separately? Do I define the images in HTML, label them and somehow point to them from the script, or define the images within the javascript? Sorry I'm such a beginning, feel free to point me to a basic tutorial on the general principles.
    Hi. Is this room dead?
    Seems dead :-)
    / 2 months later ;-)
    I install this application to my phone today.
    Leandro Araújo
    PhotoSwipe is inspiration for me.
    Rafael Cordones
    FYI: RFC: "The next major release and the project status (your feedback needed)" -> dimsemenov/PhotoSwipe#1749