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Nov 2016
Ben Haynes
Nov 25 2016 03:18
@doughnet – lucky for you, all of these are already features within Directus currently. :smile:
Our documentation is lacking (TODO still) but this user_create_column option lets you set a column name that will auto-save the Directus User ID that creates the item. Same goes for datetime and modify.
Once this option is set you can use the permissions to set VIEW to "small view" (yellow person)... which means they can only see items they created for that table.
Once we get this new API/SDK released and start in on the new design integration, we'll really be fleshing out these Docs. I will fill in those missing areas now while I'm here... hope that helps!!
(and Happy Thanksgiving!)
Nov 25 2016 03:31
@benhaynes you're the man (and your team!)
Nov 25 2016 04:22
@benhaynes when hitting the "Field-Level Permissions" for Directus Tables (under Settings - Permissions) it gives me an error of:
ErrorError: TypeError: e.schemaManager.getColumns(...) is undefined File: http://DOMAIN/directus/assets/js/directus.min.js?bust=0cnuo0ir9j9dodegbd4cijbjv0 Line:21
Nov 25 2016 04:28
figured it out; suggestion though: have it automitically add view/add/edit/delete access to a table which has relational data to other tables ...
for example: table 1 has relational data to table 2; if i give a group access to table 1 but not access to table 2 then table 1 doesn't work/load ... i have to give access to table 2 as well ... so it would be nice to automatically accept/approve access to the relationship tables as well