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Ben Haynes
Hey – looks like you're already on Slack (saw the same question), but that's the best place for answers.
Veronica Canterbury
Hi all! How do I perform a custom query on my content through the api? I want to do this: SELECT id, ( 3959 acos( cos( radians(37) ) cos( radians( lat ) ) cos( radians( lng ) - radians(-122) ) + sin( radians(37) ) sin( radians( lat ) ) ) ) AS distance FROM markers HAVING distance < 25 ORDER BY distance LIMIT 0 , 20;
lat and lng are fields in the markers table
Ben Haynes
Chances are you would need to fetch all this data and then filter/limit on the server. I don't know if we have a pass-through for SQL that would allow you to send vanilla (or parameterized) queries.
Veronica Canterbury
@benhaynes thanks for response, I suspected as much :)
César Valadez
Hello, recently I started using this proyect on a pilot site and I was wondering why not use any framework like vuejs or react?
Jason El-Massih
Directus started long before those projects became popular. It uses Backbone.
César Valadez
I guess that is the same for the dependency management, and that's why there is a vendor folder for some frontend scripts
Anyone use Laravel Valet with DirectUs?
César Valadez
I'm planning to, but the only relation that they may have will be mixing the content in the view
Hello, i try to use the official directus container behind traefik and i get 2 issue until now:
  • i get an "bad gateway" error with traefik:
  • i get a permission error when i try to add files:
    Server Error
    Impossible to create the root directory "/var/www/html/storage/uploads".
    Any help will be apprreciate?
Goodday, does anybody know how to validate a user with the php sdk for the open source version? I can’t seem to find the function
Luke Bond
Hey Guys, I don't know if anyone could offer a suggestion for this.. When uploading pdfs i get an error " This query failed SELECT directus_users.* FROM directus_usersWHERE id = 1 LIMIT 1". Any advice on this would be massively appreciated. On version 6.4.4. Thanks
Hi, any proper guide on how to integrate Directus and memcache/redis ? Im currently running v6.4.8
Hi, I'm hoping to start contributing to Directus' app development. I've got the vue app running, but how do I go about logging in? :D
I'm using the demo API atm
Ben Haynes
Hey @andreasvirkus – for the demo API you can use these credentials: and password
@benhaynes thanks! that did the trick. how would I get to the install page?
related to directus/app#964
Ben Haynes
Delete your API's config file and navigate to /admin @andreasvirkus
Hi I have just install directus 7
I have issue creating user using api
error: {code: 301, message: "Creating item to "directus_users" collection was denied"}
I have enable the permission in the backend
anything else I need to check?
anything able to help?
Vitaly Bogryashov
hi 4 all!
Hey guys. a quick Q. Can I enter an image URL and have a preview of that image in the grid?
Did you plan to release docker images with more recent version of Directus?
I guess this is not a support page? :)
Ben Haynes
For anyone looking to join the community discussions, head over to our Slack:
This Gitter is not maintained any more.
Clément Garnier
Ashvin Patel
Hi everyone! Help me understand how I should input default value for field?
Vincent van Proosdij

anyone familiar with the following issue: tables are not created wenn running in docker-compose

Statement could not be executed (42S02 - 1146 - Table 'directus.directus_settings' doesn't exist)

this is the compose file:

Patrick Corkery
I have a products table and a categories table, products can belong to many catergories.
I created a products_Categories junction table then added a many to many field on the products colelction called Products Categories, and assigned the products_id and categories_id corretcly, hwoever when ever I return a json response listing my products it always showing the products_id and not the categories_id
Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 09.31.01.png
Hi there, I'm a new fan of Directus.
When I tried to create new item for collection by API, It shown error
{"error":{"code":301,"message":"Creating item to \"vendor\" collection was denied"}}
How to solve it ?
Hello! I'm brand new to Directus. I have a joined collection, project_people that belongs to a project and a person. When editing an existing entry in that table the associations in the dropdowns for both projects and people load just fine, but when I create a new entry, the associations will not load - the spinner just continues to spin. I am using version 8.7.1. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
i am getting 404 on my live serve
It is working fine in my local server