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Repo info
    Juan Martin Ruiz
    Tiago Castro Henriques
    is anyone from Divio here? Would it be possible to add the 3.2 release candidate to PyPI?
    Maybe I'm a voice in a vacant cave here, but we're thinking seriously of using django CMS. For those django CMS'ers out there, what do you wish you knew before implementing django CMS?
    Ramon Moraes
    Hello guys.
    Davide Vago
    Hi there, is there anyone who can help here? I was wondering if it would be possible to fire the edit popup on an SVG markup
    to update some values (attributes) of a specific element
    vaibhav jain
    Hey can someone please help me out with this issue bitlabstudio/cmsplugin-image-gallery#12
    Pavel Grochal
    Anybody here that knows Django CMS plugins?
    hello everyone.any one knows how to integrate django CMS into existing app templates ,step by step?
    Binyam Welday
    I use djangocms-forms, I configure SEND FORM DATA TO E-MAIL ADDRESS: , SENDER EMAIL ADDRESS:, EMAIL SUBJECT: but the web-hosted does not send to the email address on the configuration.
    Sergei Sergeevich

    @bcopmt143 maybe a problem in smtp server settings.
    You can configure django on Google smtp, and test mail system.

    EMAIL_HOST = ''
    EMAIL_PORT = 587
    EMAIL_USE_TLS = True

    Also you can also check email spam.

    Sergei Sergeevich
    Is there a way to make the plugin uneditable in "?edit" mode? i use subclasses from "CascadePluginBase".
    Hector Mota
    first time looking for a cms
    I install django-cmsblog like the documentation said...
    this is the error that I am getting..
    untimeError: Model class cmsplugin_filer_image.models.FilerImage doesn't declare an explicit app_label and isn't in an application in INSTALLED_APP
    Hector Mota
    any helps folks?
    Jacob Rief
    @motamendez57_twitter I assue you used Django-2.0, please try with 1.11.8
    Hector Mota
    yeah thanks
    Hello everyone, I have a big SPA written in Angular and I need to have some pages customized by the users. django-cms would be great but I'm not sure the efforts that were made to the headless cms and the api have progressed. Any ideas if this is something possible?
    Jacob Rief
    Did you have a look at djangocms-cascade? It can be used to build SPAs and supports AngularJS. With some effort, it should be possible to extend the template fragments to support Angular2+.
    I see version 4.0 has started django 2 support. I'm considering starting to test it locally. How is the work coming along?
    hello guys
    Gamal Moneep
    Hello, how can i use angular 6 with Django?!
    Jacob Rief
    @ZiyadMoneep Angular 6 is a frontend framework, while Django is a backend one.
    Gamal Moneep
    @jrief I know so how to connect the two with each other ?!
    Yuxuan Zhao
    Is there any solution for version control in django cms?
    or solution for concurrent user editing
    Md Ershadul Hoque Sarker
    In what circumstances I can see the screen above ( I am logged in as superadmin)
    Nerio Rincon
    hello, trying to set a parent plugin to accept the creation or addition of a child conditionally, any ideas?
    i mean, in the structure view, if a child plugin was already selected, another type of plugin child cannot be selected
    Cesar Adrian Rodriguez
    Hello. I'm trying to implement a contact form with Django cms.
    when the user click send button, the content should be sent to my email
    I'm using cmsplugin-contact-form and I feel difficulty with configuring smtp server.
    Please help me
    Jacob Rief
    @cesarrdz999 this has nothing to do with django-cms but must be configured on the Django level. Start reading here:
    then, if you think everything is configured properly, try to send a test email using ./ sendtestemail
    Dan Black
    Question for django cms users. Do you use django cms as a cms to build your own apps and deploy them with native django user models and views (django cms on the side as it were) or do you deploy django cms as part of the user-facing app?
    Is django cms meant more for one over the other??
    Jacob Rief
    @dyspop what do you mean by "as part of the user-facing app"?
    Dan Black
    I mean like. I make a site and I want to integrate the cms into the site so users can sign up and make like blog posts etc with the cms.
    Jacob Rief
    for users to sign up, use django-registration, or implement something similar yourself – it's not difficult. For allowing registered user to make blog posts, do it outside of django-cms. Reason is that otherwise those users would have to be staff users, and you probably don't want that.
    Dan Black
    thanks @jrief
    Hello! Can somebody tell, what could be the reason Djano cms ignores my {% show_menu 0 100 100 100 "menu/menu.html" %} override ?