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Víctor Mayoral Vilches
@roozich, agreed with @fhedberg, the PCA provides quite good results. Regarding your intentions, we already have something similar that we created for a project: a daughter board that fits with BBB, RPi, RPi2 and Odroid-C1. I don't think we'll retail the board but if you are interested on the design, ping me.
Roozbeh Chehrazi
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
Roozbeh Chehrazi
@vmayoral thank you for your contribution , actually i finished my first pcb project as a developer level last week and i focus on i2c operational mode for sensors , i used pca9685 for pwm but i was worried about its range and calibrations , anyway the next step is providing driver for cape through Device Tree : )
Víctor Mayoral Vilches
@roozich that looks nice. Keep up the good work then
Jason Kridner
@roozich cool! Just seeing your Aug 17 post.
Jason Kridner
@roozich have you thought about directly using the OSD3358? We are getting close (month or so?) to releasing the http://strawsondesign.com Robotics Cape and we have our second prototype of the BeagleBone Blue (http://bbb.io/blue) out to fabrication now.
oh, crap, just noticed these comments were from 2015. Anyone still on this gitter.im?
jadonk @jadonk just installed a gitter.im client and is checking outstanding messages/mentions.
Grant Morphett
Does any work with dragonlink rc ?
Shantanu Bhadoria
Hi Guys, this looks like a awesome community, I just wanted to run my plans by the experienced people here to see if I am planning myself into a trap.
Q1: I am planning to use a pi to get sensor readings from a i2c 10dof sensor and have it control the quad using a PCA9685 board (over i2c). Do you foresee any problems doing that in terms of refresh rate requirements for the IMU of the PWM module?
Q2: does Navio have a PRU to control PWM or read sensor data? I mean does it have another PRU to control the PCA 9685 chip based on IMU data or is it all handled by the Pi itself. cheers!
Andrew Tridgell
@shantanubhadoria this channel is a bit dead now, discussion is now in this channel: https://gitter.im/ArduPilot/ardupilot and on discuss.ardupilot.org
NavIO doesn't have PRUs, but has i2c controllers that give similar functionality
Shantanu Bhadoria
Thanks @tridge joining the other channel
Georgii Staroselskii
@shantanubhadoria By the way, Navio 2 has a dedicated MCU for that purpose.
Is there a way to update waypoints dynamically using a Linux onboard computer to the Pixhawk instead of using waypoints from the predefined flight plan?
Andrew Tridgell
@bharatm11 yes, it can be done with either mavproxy or dronekit-python
I'd suggest you ask in either the mavproxy or dronekit-python channels

I'm preparing China aero design challenge competition .we have designed a fixedwing.and when work with the pixhawk we met several questions.
1.when we move the aireron the rudder will move with the aireron.how to disconnected the aileron and rudder

2.in manual mode and stabilize mode we just use 30% of elevator servo movement range.so we set channel 2 to 30% on our transmitter.but after radio calibration on mission planner .in fbwa mode we pull the elevator stick full downthe elevator servo still can move to 100%

I want to use two LiDAT-Lite3! Please Help me.

So I used a stereo camera, a TX2 on top of Pixhawk to achieve fully autonomous drone flight and collision avoidance.

In case someone is also interested, here is how I have done it:https://github.com/generalized-intelligence/GAAS/tree/master/demo/tutorial_1

Alex Albert
inertial sense pixhaw??
first of all I would like to thank you for your support
and then I am a beginner in this field (I know programming in c and c ++ because I am a computer scientist) I wanted to know is it possible that I start to program controller firmware for drone directly ?
another question is there a solution to program firmware and then test them in a virtual environment (without assembling a drone each time)