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Feb 2015
Maxim Kiselev
Feb 25 2015 11:54
Наверно, потому что русскоговорящие очень сильно любят Джангу и питон))) Although this lack of respect for people who do not know Russian. So write on the clumsy English better.
Feb 25 2015 15:45
hm, I am from Ukraine to :) but maybe I going to go to Mexico in next 3 months
Feb 25 2015 16:31
cool,If you come to mexico, you can contact me and help in whatever it is @pogorelov-ss
Feb 25 2015 17:41
@pollitosabroson cool, thanks. What you think about software development community in mexico or maybe what areas is best for programmers :) ? I think about Ensenada, because it more close to San Francisco ... but maybe it's not the best variant :)
... but, yes, this is offtopic in this chat :)
Matt Gardner
Feb 25 2015 20:14
Hi all. Quick question. I'm inheriting a large, legacy database for a Django project. I want to make it easier to collaborate on, but I'm struggling with creating fixtures for the project. The database has many complex foreign key constraints. There's even spatial data. Does anyone know of a tool or approach that can generate lean fixture data from a real database?
Feb 25 2015 21:45

@allthesignals I think you have two ways if you have really big data amount

  1. Migrate data from old db to new by using sql scripts. You must to know SQL very well.
  2. Generate django model for old db ( ) and write migrations using django ORM for new models step by step

... you can dump data to json from db .... but I think this way is hard for big data amount

Matt Gardner
Feb 25 2015 22:12
@pogorelov-ss Thanks! This was helpful. I should've been doing this through the ORM the whole time.