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Jul 2015
kevin munene
Jul 02 2015 11:46 UTC
Hi i am a novice django developer was in the middle of a project and my laptop got stolen.. How is the best way to recover my project from github ?
Jul 02 2015 12:27 UTC
git clone?
Jul 02 2015 12:49 UTC
@lukgreen I use Django Debug Toolbar, any problem with sql... but it was some trouble when I installed it ... it was more than 6 months ago :)
Jul 02 2015 22:49 UTC
if i'm using SQLLite3 as the database engine (it's a small project, I'm aware that for Production PostreSQL offers the best compatibility with Django), is there any way to populate it with some values so that when i'm creating an instance it has some standard values with it?
Charles Javelona
Jul 02 2015 23:25 UTC
Does anyone have any Django 1.8 tutorials to refer to on how to:
  • Have email as username
  • Exetending the User with email as username to two different types of User?