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Jul 2015
Samuel Spencer
Jul 24 2015 10:19
So I making a library for doing complex data extraction and analysis from django models called the "Django Data Interrogator" - The scant documentation covers it pretty well at this stage but it helps automate the creation of user interfaces to pull tables of data based on information stored in django models.
Jul 24 2015 11:31
Somebody knows how I can do to have a real time monitoring server over elasticsearch and see the results over my own web page. Thanks in advance
Volodymyr Rudyj
Jul 24 2015 14:26
hi everyone. is there a non-dead a/b testing library for Django? I found several libs like django-experiments, but they are all seem to be dead :(
Samuel Spencer
Jul 24 2015 23:45
@juandasgandaras Have you looked at haystack? Its a nice django abstraction over search indexers (including elasticsearch)