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Aug 2015
Charles Javelona
Aug 12 2015 10:45
Hi, has anyone use angularjs with django? If so, I want to use a modern front-end framework that does not hinder performance, which one do you guys recommend?
Aug 12 2015 11:15
Hi. Why not stick with angular?
Volodymyr Rudyj
Aug 12 2015 14:09
Hi Charles. Using AngularJS with Django doesn't differ from any other combination of AngularJS + some backend, so if it suits your needs then go ahead ;)
to separate the backend and the frontend you can utilize django-rest-framework
this will allow you to create SPA that will be a client of your backend
André Duarte
Aug 12 2015 20:12
@charlesakio Angular is awesome but they are changing the direction with 2.0 version without a release date yet. I would recomend to take a look to react.js or even better on not so known riot.js that really shines on simplicity.
Juan Carlos
Aug 12 2015 21:17
Owais Lone
Aug 12 2015 23:10
Is it possible to influence the command django uses to create database automatically, for example, while running tests?
For example, I want django to run a custom version of createdb with some very different arguments when running tests.