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Aug 2015
Alexey Kalinin
Aug 16 2015 11:44

Hi folks. I have a problem with tests running. The point is that my tests work out successfully only if they are launched separately. For example.

If I run the tests as follows:

$ python test frontend.tests.test_views.IndexViewTest

it gives:

(Many error messages skipped)
Ran 10 tests in 0.419s

FAILED (failures = 1, errors = 8)

But if I run tests individually, say

$ python test frontend.tests.test_views.IndexViewTest.test_template_used

they pass. So all the testcases passed if launched in such a manner. But it's about only tests for views. Tests for a models and other works fine.
I also searched for solution and I found only this, but there is no answer:

Here is app repo