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Aug 2015
Charles Javelona
Aug 28 2015 01:49
Hi! Which tutorials have helped you learn to use Django rest with angularjs?
Ramon Moraes
Aug 28 2015 04:32
hey guys. having trouble o using bootstrap on admin templates. the jquery and bootstrap .js load just fine but not even the dropdown buttons are working. Any special trick that i need to do?
Shekhar Prasad Rajak
Aug 28 2015 07:14
@markharley thanks for reply , but my actual problem is receiving the mail.We can send mail easily but how to receive a mail in particular emailID. I want to use one SMTP,IMAP credential for sending/Receiving mail.I think we can use googel app engine for this,but that is not free.
Shekhar Prasad Rajak
Aug 28 2015 07:19
@vyscond If you have repo in github, then give us the code link.I will try to fix.