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Nov 2015
Anagha R
Nov 05 2015 13:38
Where can we find custom management commands in django source file?
Sergey Tsaplin
Nov 05 2015 14:42
@Anagha22 <app_dir>/management
Onur Yaman
Nov 05 2015 21:05
@shalakhin you shouldn't have problems with that if you use relative paths in your css file when declaring url(...) stuff. if you're sure that given relative paths are correct, chances are you're doing something wrong with media settings in django configuration
@yogesh- @arogachev is right, it's the base class for models. it points to the Model class found in the models package.
Onur Yaman
Nov 05 2015 21:25
@tulpn i just checked the docs for add_error and there it says "Note that Form.adderror() automatically removes the relevant field from cleaned_data."; so I guess it's normal for you to not seeing the corresponding data. For the errors though, did you make sure that your clean* methods are being called as expected? You can be sure about that while debugging. I'm saying this; because I didn't see any errors in your code at first sight.
@f1nality Looks great, actually I'd already starred it! :)
Jocelyn Jeriah
Nov 05 2015 21:28
Hello, I’m new to Django/Python and my job is looking use that framework and language alongside MongoDB. Any advice on how to go about that process would be greatly appreciated! any resources, tips, shared experiences is helpful
Onur Yaman
Nov 05 2015 21:30
@luminousbeam hello there, great choice! :) did you check the popular tutorial "Writing your first Django app" on