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Nov 2015
Jocelyn Jeriah
Nov 06 2015 01:48
hi there @sensimevanidus. I actually finished creating the app yesterday using that tutorial. However, I noticed that the tutorial seems like it’s more towards someone who is already familiar with Python. I got stuck around the testing section, the process there is not very clear
My work also just told me that we will be using MongoDB as our database, any chance anyone is familiar with plugins, tutorials or has advice for that as well?
Alexey Rogachev
Nov 06 2015 03:40
@luminousbeam I'd recommend start with official docs and guide
Obviously it's better to have some Python base otherwise the learning become way harder has pretty good Python course covering the basic, I'd recommend to check it out.
Jocelyn Jeriah
Nov 06 2015 03:50
thanks @arogachev, i have not tried that tutorial yet. i’ll be sure to give it a try!
Alexey Rogachev
Nov 06 2015 04:39
@luminousbeam :+1:
Yogesh Gupta
Nov 06 2015 10:29
what does keyword "params" mean in def bot(params):
Bastian Hoyer
Nov 06 2015 10:30
it’s not a keyword.. it’s the name of the variable of the first parameter of the function
Yogesh Gupta
Nov 06 2015 10:31
@bastianh thnks
Cecile Tonglet
Nov 06 2015 12:18
Hello, I encountered a weird behavior of Django and I wonder if I should fill a bug report for this. The database is postgres 9.1, here is the case: I have declared a CharField in a model without specifying blank or null. (By default, they are both False. According to the doc, blank is "validation-related".) Now I start a shell and try to create a record using create() and I don't specify a value for the field (no kwargs). Django actually create the record in the database and when I display the value of my field I get u'' (empty string)
This doesn't make any sense because when I create a record using the instantiation MyModel() without specifying a value in the CharField, the default value is None and if I call save() I get an IntegrityError (this is expected)
(Thanks for your time ^_^)