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Nov 2015
Emamul Andalib
Nov 30 2015 03:01
Please can anyone help me to solve this issue
Ikhsan Noor Rosyidin
Nov 30 2015 03:07
@emamulandalib sorry, i can give you the sample code now, cause i'm at work right now.
but I add a suggestion in my answer.
Emamul Andalib
Nov 30 2015 03:10
Okay thank you
@essanpupil I will try the classbaseview
Emamul Andalib
Nov 30 2015 04:04
Please give me an complete example to edit user profile using class based generic views
@essanpupil thank you
Nathan Kirui
Nov 30 2015 04:53
@essanpupil thanks,gonna re-think on how to do it.