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Jan 2016
Jan 09 2016 01:14

@pace-noge woow... that was awesome, i never think it with templatetags before..

{% load nav_menus_active_tags %}{% url 'direktorat-list' as direktorat_list_url %}
          <li class="{% if request.resolver_match.url_name == "popular_videos_page" %}{% active request direktorat_list_url %}{% endif %}">

thank you so much.. :smile:

Jan 09 2016 01:36
ups.. update it:
{% load nav_menus_active_tags %}
{% url 'popular_videos_page' as popular_videos_page %}
   <li class="{% if request.resolver_match.url_name == "popular_videos_page" %}{% active request popular_videos_page %}{% endif %}">
      <a class="nav-popular" href="{% url 'popular_videos_page' %}">Popular</a>
Jan 09 2016 01:58

@pace-noge but, are it possible with multiple path?
egg: html li have some childs like a dropdown. if one of child selected then li will add to class active.


<li><a href="#">Settings</a>
      <li><a href="#">Profile</a></li>
      <li><a href="#">Change Password</a></li>
Puneet Aggarwal
Jan 09 2016 14:44
@pace-noge Thanks for the reply. Facing some other problem. Will check it later.
Colin Wirz
Jan 09 2016 20:04
Hey guys does anyone know what is the normal memory usage of a django 'it works' site? I see on my mac that the usage is 20-30 mb. Find it really to much fo doing nothing. What do you think?