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Jan 2016
Jan 15 2016 05:03 UTC

there is app name client_side in my django project and there is one file
from django.conf.urls import url from client_side import views urlpatterns = [ url(r'^retrive/([0-9]{4})/$',views.display), ]

now in my main file
from django.conf.urls import url,include from django.contrib import admin from django.conf import settings from django.conf.urls.static import static from client_side import views urlpatterns = [ url(r'^admin/',, url(r'^record/',include('client_side.urls')), ]+ static(settings.STATIC_URL, document_root=settings.STATIC_ROOT)

but this not working ..

Ikhsan Noor Rosyidin
Jan 15 2016 05:59 UTC
use markdown to write code, it is hard to read code when using mere copy paste here
Jan 15 2016 06:09 UTC
This message was deleted
Filip Figiel
Jan 15 2016 09:45 UTC
Hello everyone
Gerald Eersteling
Jan 15 2016 09:45 UTC
Filip Figiel
Jan 15 2016 09:46 UTC
I think I've found a bug in django's test client, in encode_multipart method to be specific
It serializes None values to literal 'None' instead of an empty string
Content-Disposition: form-data; name="replicas"

Filip Figiel
Jan 15 2016 09:53 UTC
is anyone willing to investigate it further?
I'm not very familliar with django source
Steven Thate
Jan 15 2016 16:11 UTC
@nickpennyuk , thanks for the video. Everything has gotten messed up for me… I’m watching the video now. Hoping a virtualenv will help me avoid wiping my OS!
Steven Thate
Jan 15 2016 16:34 UTC
@nickpennyuk it’s working! thank you
Nicholas Penny
Jan 15 2016 16:35 UTC
@swthate no problem. :smile:
Jiwon Hwang
Jan 15 2016 16:54 UTC
hey guys! It's been almost 3,4days since I started django 1.8 tutorial. Hope to do finish it within 5h by next Wed.
Jan 15 2016 19:06 UTC
Hey guys! Is it somehow possible to write a custom reverse many to one manager? I have a UserProfile model that has FK field to a model Level. When I reverse-query Level, with Level.users, I get a QuerySet of UserProfiles, but would like to get QuerySet of Users? An option would be to query that QuerySet further, but I kinda want t o do have it done directly. UserProfile is tied to User with OneToOne field. I am beginner with django, so my question might imply bad design decisions. Cheers!