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Feb 2016
Filip Figiel
Feb 02 2016 08:15
@nickpennyuk remove the field "artist" from the form, pass your artist instance in the form kwargs and assign the artist to your album instance before saving the form (override the save method)
Filip Figiel
Feb 02 2016 12:45
CommandError: currently makemessages only supports domains 'django' and 'djangojs'
wtf is this
how can I generate messages to other file than django.po?
More details on the way:
I have a fork of my project, which is basically a "lite" version with buttons "Upgrade to enterprise" and "Unavailable in preview wersion"
I'd like to generate translations for these strings, but I don't want my original project to remove them every time I'd run makemessages
I figured I could have a separate file, like lite.po, that would be collected by compilemessages
Filip Figiel
Feb 02 2016 13:06 compilemessages converts my lite.po file, but translations don't show up.. is it a bug?
Feb 02 2016 14:37
help me please, best way to set current file field without upload.. this similiar with set to default..
from import FileSystemStorage
class OverwriteStorage(FileSystemStorage):                                                            
    def _save(self, name, content):
        if self.exists(name):
        return super(OverwriteStorage, self)._save(name, content)

    def get_available_name(self, name):
        return name

class My_Model(models.Model):
    title = models.CharField(max_length=200)
    my_file = models.FileField(upload_to='files/%Y/%m/%d', null=True, blank=True, storage=OverwriteStorage())

    def set_my_file_to_this_function(self):