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Feb 2016
Samuel Spencer
Feb 07 2016 01:37
I made another thing: Its like 'JSFiddle', but for Django Templates. It has the very original name "Django Template Fiddle" -
Bernard Parah
Feb 07 2016 02:12
hello everyone...I need to include a polls app in my application that runs on django1.9 and python 3.4, all the ones I have seen seem too basic, does anyone know of any one of those polling apps that has something close to django-crowdsourcing. Anonymous votings, only logged in user voting etc. Thanks
Bernard Ojengwa
Feb 07 2016 22:18
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Can someone give me a hint on how to optimise this snippet of code, please
(i for i in x if ( (isinstance(i, int) and i % 2 != 0) or x.index(i) % 2 == 0))
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Anton Novosyolov
Feb 07 2016 22:39
(el for i, el in enumerate(x) if ... or i % 2 == 0) (if elements in list are unique, i.e. index wouldn't return index of a previous occurrence)