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Feb 2016
Filip Figiel
Feb 18 2016 06:47
I rh
I think you should serve separate source (untranslated) strings depending on your client
Maybe you should look for other translation frameworks, since you need namespaces
Dmitry Grebenshchikov
Feb 18 2016 08:04
Guys! How to running new task in Celery after all tasks have been completed?
Dmitry Grebenshchikov
Feb 18 2016 08:31
Hey! Anybody online?
Feb 18 2016 08:43
@megapctr I've come up with a solution that seems to work for me, but it ain't pretty. In settings I monkey patch django.utils.translation.trans_real.translation with my own translation function that puts the client namespace in the global _translations dict first and serves translations per client if client is known.
This works, but the monkey patching is unfortunate, I would have preferred a nicer way to tell Django that I'd like to handle translation lookups with my own class, but Django's translation framework was not set up with plug-ability in mind it seems.
Thanks for the answer though, I'll keep toying with it a little more and see what I can come up with.
Filip Figiel
Feb 18 2016 14:59
@grebenshchikov I'm not sure what are you trying to do, but probably a chord will work (look it up on celery docs)
Feb 18 2016 15:31

World, please help me with this because I'm going crazy (just like in the avatar). I am trying to import a huge csv into Wordpress since 2 days. Using wp plugins it's painfully slow (I have 100,000 rows, it takes 10 minutes for 800 rows).

For uploading through heidisql I need a script/way to assign the specific tag, category and custom field to the specific post and then import into wp_posts, wp_terms, wp_termsrelationship, wp_postmeta.

If you know Wordpress and mysql then you know how the tags, category and custom field is assigned to posts and why it can be a simple csv import.

Thank you!

Feb 18 2016 17:42
Sergey Tsaplin
Feb 18 2016 18:11
@jonathanenbe are you sure that it's a correct channel?!
Job Matheka
Feb 18 2016 21:58
Hey everyone, so I have a question, I have a Django project and the project has three apps, app 1 is sort of the mother app, app 2 belongs to app 1 and app 3 belongs to app 2, hope I haven't lost you. Okay so I was wondering, should I include app 2 urls in app 1 and so forth or should include each apps urls in the main