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Feb 2016
Ovidiu B
Feb 21 2016 09:35
@megapctr i just tried it, but it doesn't work. I just handled it in a loop
Aaron Kazah
Feb 21 2016 18:57
Hey guys, I'm planning to release a web application that connects creators with their target market. The MVP(minimal viable product) it's almost finished and I'm looking for a few testers for the app. You can be a programmer, web designer or game developer as long as you have something that you want to display to the world, you'll gain valued feedback on how to improve it. This is something I started off as a personal project and I'm not looking to initially make money off this or anything so please don't ask how I plan to monetize it. I created a brief landing page at and if you could sign up for the Beta program, I'd highly appreciate it. You could use it to display your freecodecamp work, however I'd hope it's for something more unique, rather than freecodecamp work, so more personal projects of yours. If you want to help me out by becoming a beta tester, I'll include a link at the bottom, you'll be updated weekly on everything and hopefully it turns out well. I need beta testers to help me determine the new features on the website, how it should look and feel and what necessary mechanisms are needed to make it run. If you could share this with your friends, it would be awesome. Also if you have any personal projects, it would be awesome for you to sign up, as once it's goes live (beta) I 'll need you to upload your projects so it can be shared. Link -----
Aaron Kazah
Feb 21 2016 19:48
forgot to mention
you have to verify after signing in
Job Matheka
Feb 21 2016 20:17
hey @AaronKazah i have subscribed, but i have a question, where did you deploy your silliconup??