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Feb 2016
Syafiq Kamarul Azman
Feb 23 2016 08:37
Hey guys I'm trying to setup celery to do a basic task based on the docs but I'm getting an ImproperlyConfigured error
I've moved my tasks to a file rather than the file described in the docs
What else do I need to include or import in the file in my app?
Feb 23 2016 08:47
No more info?
Feb 23 2016 16:30
@syaffers provide traceback on you ImproperlyConfigured error
Luiz Felipe do Divino
Feb 23 2016 20:13
Hello guys, I'm from Brazil and i follow this chat for some time, i know i start to study django for my graduation final project and i have a newbie question, in the admin view, how can i show the name of a Foreingkey in a model/form?
*now i start