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Feb 2016
Filip Figiel
Feb 28 2016 18:23
@itcrab if there's a release coming soon, perhaps it would be better to switch to that library
So your code base wouldn't be cluttered by what's already implemented by some other project. That's the python way - import everything ;)
Feb 28 2016 21:39
есть кто из рус. или укр. ???
Feb 28 2016 21:47
who can help me ? am write in CMD "......... python makemigrations blog"
importError: No module named 'django.contrib.staticfilesblog'
all work how in book
I understand the problem
and I do not understand how to solve it. help please
Feb 28 2016 21:57
Check your installed_apps values in Maybe some typo errors
Feb 28 2016 22:01
@mpachas really missed the point )))) thx you )))