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Apr 2016
Apr 04 2016 05:10
Hi everyone, I am new to django and am currently trying to write a website. The problem is that I will have users sign into the website and I can't find any examples on how to use the User field outside of the cmd on the web. Can anyone point me to a resource to learn how to user the User field in a project?
Joan Ngatia
Apr 04 2016 06:35
Hi @DASchechtman. Check out the django girls tutorial, It has a good example of using the User model.You would have to create a form that allows users to enter their details, a django view and a template to render it on your browser. This tutorial - - takes you through all the steps in a nice understandable way.
Apr 04 2016 06:52
Thanks @andela-jngatia
sumit sinha
Apr 04 2016 08:38
how to print json value
i am using r.json
using ipython
In [42]: import requests

In [43]: r = requests.get('')

In [44]: r.json
Out[44]: <bound method Response.json of <Response [403]>>

In [45]:
help me
Filip Figiel
Apr 04 2016 08:51
@sumitsinha91 <bound method Response.json of <Response [403]>>
as you can see, it is a method
so you have to call it
sumit sinha
Apr 04 2016 09:59
i have called but again same like that
how to use xlwt
can you help me
how use import xlwt and how i will directly report there ....and what s the code
Zeeshan Asgar
Apr 04 2016 12:46
how to test internationalisation and localisation in django?
I have internationalised django admin panel (all the models) now i want to write tests for whether internationalisation and localisation is happening or not.
Thanks in advance