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Apr 2016
Alexey Rogachev
Apr 06 2016 08:55
Hi guys
I want to pluralize table names generated by migrations
I added class Meta with verbose_name_plural to Model as adviced but that didn't help
Alexey Rogachev
Apr 06 2016 09:07
Is it possible to set without explicitly specifying db_table option?
Filip Figiel
Apr 06 2016 09:13
@arogachev verbose_name_plural is not the name used in tables
why would you want to override the table name anyway?
this would break django convention for naming tables
Alexey Rogachev
Apr 06 2016 11:52
@megapctr I ended up overriding db_table
Yes, maybe it's better to accept Django's default convention. I used pluralized forms in database tables for a long time before.
It was like personal and team convention, also in PHP and Rails I used it a lot. So it's a bit uncomfortable to see single name version, but yes sometimes it's better accept convention of framework
Filip Figiel
Apr 06 2016 14:16
you're basically adding boilerplate that serves no benefit. think through it :)
besides, you'll probably not need to inspect the raw sql data (use shell or shell_plus from django_extensions app)
Aubrey Taylor
Apr 06 2016 15:56
Does anyone have a recommendation for a simple way to look up City / State using Zipcode in Django? Tried pyzipcode, but got install errors, tried zipcode but got threading errors.
Apr 06 2016 19:47
Hey all, does anyone know if there is any Python ( or any decent language ) based tool that lets you write HTML more like a traditional UI?
Filip Figiel
Apr 06 2016 22:19
@cauffe what do you mean "more like traditional ui"?