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Apr 2016
John Diego Domingos
Apr 07 2016 01:45
This message was deleted
Alexey Rogachev
Apr 07 2016 05:34
@megapctr OK, thanks for the advice.
Apr 07 2016 06:30
@megaptcr the good old windows visual c++ tools, or the newer Android SDK / Swift tools, something less taggy everywhere.
sumit sinha
Apr 07 2016 06:51
help me
i have install anaconda in sublime but my all code line is showing in field formate looking very complicated can anyone help me how to change setting for this
 ![alt](http://Screenshot from 2016-04-07 12-23-48.png )
how to send screen shot
sumit sinha
Apr 07 2016 06:59
 ![Screenshot from 2016-04-07 12-23-48.png](http://)
I'm trying but i am unable to do this
sumit sinha
Apr 07 2016 07:20
anyone alive on this group
help me
Omar Quimbaya
Apr 07 2016 16:54
the screenshot will need to be hosted somewhere
if you're trying to share a screen shot from your computer, you'll need to upload it somewhere and then share it
This is how you do it
![Vault Boy]( <--- hosted image
this has nothing to do with Django, so I'll throw in some Django stuff for equal measure startproject vault_boy
there we go.