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Apr 2016
Dariush Azimi
Apr 16 2016 02:10
Trying to create a demo app similar to the freelancer concept. Users to be able to post jobs and respond to jobs posting. should I create two classes, one for job poster and one for job responder or should these be a role? (role option (choices job poster, job responder) and use the user model within django?
Puneet Aggarwal
Apr 16 2016 03:25
Hi Everyone,
Is it possible to use django-allauth along with django-rest-framework?
Peter Bittner
Apr 16 2016 06:25
@puneetagg Why shouldn't it? What's your use case?
Puneet Aggarwal
Apr 16 2016 07:51
@bittner Being new to all this, I went through some code on github repository. There, the functions were rendering their templates. But I need to use serializers and return JSON. So, got confused.
Puneet Aggarwal
Apr 16 2016 11:29
@megapctr @jessepavlis request import error resolved. Python used for running application was of the system and I now changed it to that of my virtual env. May be that's why requests module was being picked from the system instead of virtualenv.
Ramon Moraes
Apr 16 2016 12:47
Hello mates! Good morning :)
Puneet Aggarwal
Apr 16 2016 20:44
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