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Apr 2016
Apr 19 2016 00:12
could any help me in the django inline formsets please
Tim Leguijt
Apr 19 2016 08:44
@shaleh it appears the package isn't actively maintained but bugfixes and compatibility fixes are still being done, so I suppose you can still use the package with the latest Django version
sumit sinha
Apr 19 2016 10:04
from where i will learn better python .....its means which website
can anyone help me
Tom Christie
Apr 19 2016 15:00
Loaded Q, but how do you folks feel re. Gitter vs Slack vs IRC for OSS chat?
I’ve added a room on Gitter for REST framework but still somewhat conflicted.
Objectively it’s far more accessible than IRC
And prefer that it’s publically linkable in a way that slack isn't
Although it’s a difficult sell as most folks are probably already using an IRC client, and probably don’t want yet another client, right?
Any thoughts welcome.
Filip Figiel
Apr 19 2016 15:43
Personally I prefer gitter over IRC
Apr 19 2016 18:16
Hi guys, I'm trying to get the best of the polymer starter kit, like the app-theme in my Django project, but I can't get it working, does anyone know how? or have any tips for me?
Sean Perry
Apr 19 2016 18:34
IRC is nice for actual conversation. For many projects there is an active community there and you have a real time ability to respond. Platforms like Gitter do not feel as immediate. It can be handy for dropping a message and checking back later.