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Jun 2016
Bastian Hoyer
Jun 03 2016 13:40
maybe someone can help you if you ask your question.
Jun 03 2016 18:51
Talking about deployment,
Has anyone used Python Anywhere? Can someone post a link to their hosted app on Python anywhere so I can see what it'll look like?
Jun 03 2016 18:56
Python is not the deciding or even any factor on how your website will look like in the end...
karim amer
Jun 03 2016 20:24
could i ask questions about DRF here ?
Jun 03 2016 20:33
Why not?
Filip Figiel
Jun 03 2016 20:34
well there's a separate chat specifically for drf but ok
karim amer
Jun 03 2016 20:34
okay i will ask there then :)