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Jun 2016
Jun 24 2016 04:42
@senorpatricio thanks for that!
Jun 24 2016 12:58
no @themlistone i'm sorry. only on aws and google compute engine
Metehan Çelenk
Jun 24 2016 22:47
@ernestoarbitrio actually I'm currently working on an app. But I need a little help to make Azure more scalable.
@ernestoarbitrio But thanks for your reply.
Karlo Tamayo
Jun 24 2016 23:33
I'm looking to implement an appointment app, there's a few calendar packages on django-packages but I am wondering if it would be reasonable to try to build something like this myself. Mostly I just want a REST API to serve to the front end; I'm hoping the logic for this isn't too ambitious...