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Jun 2016
Jared Mackey
Jun 25 2016 01:24
@KTamayo That shouldn't be too bad. It would be a good learning experience. Worst case you can just use one of the packages. Just use DRF for the REST API.
Jun 25 2016 06:21
hey guys I am having problems when deploying to heroku, the database and the admin site works fine, I can create model instances in the admin site, but I cannot view any of my other urls because it gives me a server error. Here is the heroku log: and here is my browser's console log:
Jun 25 2016 06:27
nevermind I found the problem
Karlo Tamayo
Jun 25 2016 06:33
@mackeyja92 Thanks for the encouraging words! I'll give it a shot, I spent some time today looking at packages and felt many of them were too feature heavy (some had their own front end) and others were ok but with many years since a commit.