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Jun 2016
Alexey Kalinin
Jun 27 2016 11:54

I have a problem with selenium testing in django. My very first test looks this

I launching it with this command
python test accounts.tests.test_selenium

The problem is that it fails during user registration for there is no location with id=settings.DEFAULT_LOCATION_ID. It's just disappears after this row:


And in log file:
I mean, I create this model at test case start and it exist just before this row (I can put ipdb and inspect my models), but somehow during it I get no Locations in DB. It's just disappears.

Alexey Kalinin
Jun 27 2016 12:44
Hm, seems it's work with import time; time.sleep(3) after submit form. But I dont know why.
Eduardo Buganemi Botelho
Jun 27 2016 15:02
Hi i want to use a image viewer on my site, like a slideshow, which one do you recommend me?
Jun 27 2016 19:15
Could anyone please make me understand the answer of this stackoverflow question?
Where is Voter id used here? I don't see how Voter id is creating problem when
voters = [ for user in Voter.objects.filter(poll__id=poll_id)]
if in voters:
this code is only filtering Voter objects on the basis of poll and user ids