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Aug 2016
Aug 13 2016 05:57
anyone studying django for the first time?
Marlysson Silva
Aug 13 2016 18:07
@thenewidealism_twitter I am.
Andres Roget
Aug 13 2016 20:17
Hi there, I am relatively new to Python and Django in general but I have been developing in JS for a little while I am building a django API using DRF and using Angular 2 in the front end the API part is ready and tested using Postman, but when making the call from the front end I am getting CORS errors after a quick google search I found this library that seems to be the way to go, however it does not work with the latest version of django 1.10 so I downgraded to 1.9.9, but I'm still getting CORS errors.... could anyone give me some pointers?
I've added corsheaders to my installed apps, and the corresponding middleware right before django's commonMiddleware... and then I add CORS_ALLOW_CREDENTIALS = True (just to test it) but doesnt seem to work
for what its worth I have also tried using Node and standard jquery ruling out problems on the angular 2 app...
Andres Roget
Aug 13 2016 20:36
NVM I just got it work... not sure why I created a brand new virtualenv and move my app to there and the API worked
Aug 13 2016 21:02
@aroget cool. i am using DRF and angular myself as well.
@Marlysson how is the study going? what kind of material or tutorial do you use?
Jared Mackey
Aug 13 2016 21:38
Where can I find the official Django project template so I can create my own based off it?