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Aug 2016
Ramon Moraes
Aug 26 2016 13:33
@jambari why do you need wamp?
@jambari Django can be easily served through wsgi with gunicornand proxy reversed with nginx.
@jambari and why the hell would you use windows server? if there is no option dropping this pile of "clap" maybe you should think about docker containers?
Aug 26 2016 13:39
@vyscond My office bought that windows server because they thought that windows is easier on maintaining.
Igor Malinov
Aug 26 2016 13:40
Vaibhav Tulsyan
Aug 26 2016 21:19
Are fixtures deprecated in Django 1.10?
The docs for 1.8 say they're deprecated, but there is no mention of deprecation in 1.10