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Aug 2016
Shakib Hossain
Aug 28 2016 08:30
How to implement passwordless login like medium in my django project?
Any suggestions?
MinJae Kwon
Aug 28 2016 12:04
what does mean? do you want social login?
Aug 28 2016 12:09
Can anyone explain profits of new middleware workflow, please?
Fabrizio Arzeni
Aug 28 2016 18:37
hello everybody, i'm playing with django 1.10 and the new channels app. I'm using generic consumers in order to access message.user and message.session, but i have a doubt. In my normal request-reponse flow i have several middlewares which fill the request object with additional information based on the domain request come from (for example the one to work with an app such What role play middleware in (websocket) channel handling? And there are known problems using channel with in a multidomain project?
Zigmas Slusnys
Aug 28 2016 21:17
Hey! Anyone could help me out with setting up and deploying django project on docker? I've spend much time and still haven't figured this out.. Anyone has really well written tutorial?