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Aug 2016
Filip Figiel
Aug 29 2016 08:04

I've recently started noticing this line in my django.db logs:

(0.000) BEGIN; args=None

any idea what triggers this query?

Zigmas Slusnys
Aug 29 2016 08:07
@malinich read that already, doesn't work for my needs as it doests start the container 😔
Igor Malinov
Aug 29 2016 08:08
it for nodejs but i see on this to config my remote server
Igor Malinov
Aug 29 2016 08:14
may be it book to help you
Using Docker Adrian Mouat
Zigmas Slusnys
Aug 29 2016 08:18
Thank you @malinich ill check it out 👌🏼
Fábio C. Barrionuevo da Luz
Aug 29 2016 14:48
hello django-users, on the scope of a pluggable library also supports older django versions, how to deal with exclusion of patterns from django.conf.urls if i use django >= 1.10
Abhishek Baliyan
Aug 29 2016 15:00
Which is best Django or node.js , or is it possible to use node.js in Django, and why use Django, and what are the alternatives of Django if u know only JavaScript html5 and css3
Erik Nguyen
Aug 29 2016 15:01
Hi guys, anyone know the reliable way to fix "pip install MySQL-Python" problem on Windows. I tried googled and found many answers on Stackoverflow but it either doesn't work or works only for Python2. I'm using Python3.5, 32bit, MySQL 64bit included in Wamp, MySqL connector C 32b. Would be great if u know how to fix it on Python3.4 also
Fábio C. Barrionuevo da Luz
Aug 29 2016 15:10
@eriknguyen from django docs ( ), the recommended connector is mysqlclient ( )
Abhishek Baliyan
Aug 29 2016 15:11
ode.js is for backend and in Django the Django will do all back end stuff without node.js. Is i am right , I am confuse
I know Python html5 css3 and only js programming not any framework. At now I want to study backend, but I am confuse in to use Python Django or nodejs. I have no idea about backend. Please suggest something
Erik Nguyen
Aug 29 2016 15:41
@luzfcb actually I'm not using django currently but I believe there are some have faced this problem before with their Django app
Shakib Hossain
Aug 29 2016 19:07
@mingrammer No. In when you try to login all you have to do is enter your email address and the site sends you an email with a link for logging in. They never ask for a password. I was looking for something like that.
Matt Bymaster
Aug 29 2016 19:56
@abhishekdevinfo I'd base it around it around either what kind of jobs you're looking for OR where you can find the best community. I originally invested my time in Python/Django but the Python community in my area is pretty much non-existent whereas there's a large JS scene because of front end work and a lot of those guys are not starting to get into node.js.
Aug 29 2016 21:31
hi, everyone. hope you`re doing well.
Can someone help me out with customizing the userprofile of django admin?
Aug 29 2016 21:53
@abhishekdevinfo learn django node sucks
whatever you do don't learn rails :|