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Nov 2016
Nov 21 2016 01:00
hi there. i am so newbie here and just wanted to know more about learning Python? i spoke to a professor but couldnt get into details... said that Python is the easiest language to understand for beginners? do you have any comments to this?
Algirdas Vepštas
Nov 21 2016 01:03
Hi, perhaps he's right. It is a high level language (which means you might not be forced to get down into deeper level of computer science/programming) unlike C or C++ i.e.
I've seen multiple references pointing at Python as being one of the "easiest" languages to learn development.
Also, it has a wide community with hell of a lot resources. And I'd second to the opinion, given you would be focused about getting something done instead of coping with low-level issues.
Nov 21 2016 01:08
@thousand-joules that is very comforting to know... thank you, sir!
Mark Heppner
Nov 21 2016 01:26
@olinda_road_twitter @knox97 the "go to" free book i've seen for years is dive into python. check out the wiki list on books too.
Nov 21 2016 01:28
@mheppner big thanks for the kind tips, Mark!
Algirdas Vepštas
Nov 21 2016 01:28
Also, don't dwell on books solely, they're the best reference, yet that info is volatile if not tinkered with - this is the quick and on-hands intro
Nov 21 2016 01:30
Thank you, Algirdas!
Nov 21 2016 01:36
I might as well put this out on the open.... my kids (15/14yo) (9yo) are into games especially Minecraft. My teenager has an interest to be a "Game Tester" which they have a course here in Japan or even an Intern position opportunity in town... my question is: how can i get my son get more excited to get into it... can anyone suggest a much focused "language" to prep him for it? My other kids are to follow...
Simon Frid
Nov 21 2016 03:47
@mheppner good point
Mark Heppner
Nov 21 2016 05:09
@olinda_road_twitter python is going to be a good starting point for younger kids. if they want to get into game dev, they'll eventually have to get into java or c++, but that's going to take some time. there are quite a few frameworks for python. there are also some smaller ones for javascript, but that kind of brings a lot of web dev requirements into play. i'd say start with python.
Siddharth Gupta
Nov 21 2016 06:08
Has anyone deployed a django app on heroku?
Getting failed to set buildpack error.
Kindly help! /\
Noli Bravo
Nov 21 2016 07:31
@mheppner thank you so much for that.. this is what i am searching for directly from the guyz who really knows the real deal :)
Nov 21 2016 07:34

Anyone know about how to check the item is on database or not
for ex:

   user = User.objects.get(username=nick)
   if user.check_password(pass_field):
      #TODO: Valid password, insert your code here
      #TODO: Password not valid, handle it here
except User.DoesNotExist:
   #TODO: Your error handler goes here

But I want to do this on serializer, is it good? or using unique field?

What I want to achieve is, if id exists then update it with the new one
maybe someone have a best method to do that :)
J. Dalton Childers
Nov 21 2016 16:55
I’m trying to write a test to load a folder full of json files into a table in my django app. Does anyone know of a package that will do this or a snippet of reference code on how to do it?