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Nov 2016
Nov 30 2016 03:07 UTC
Hello.. i am running cuckoo sandbox and the web interface when executed is giving me this error "You're seeing this error because you have DEBUG = True in your Django settings file. Change that to False, and Django will display a standard page generated by the handler for this status code. " can anyone help me with this? Thank you
Панов Илья
Nov 30 2016 07:03 UTC
Hi all. Please tell me how to pass in the GET request list? I try this "site/method?list=1&list=2&list=3", but the strange thing is happening on the server: print(self.request.GET) -> <QueryDict: { 'list': [ '1', '2', '3' ] }' and print(self.request.GET['list']) -> 3. What kind of garbage? Why does the receipt of the item from the dictionary with the list I get only the last item in the list, and not the whole dictionary?
Nov 30 2016 07:51 UTC
@DarkByte2015 how about self.request.GET.getlist('list')
Панов Илья
Nov 30 2016 08:56 UTC
@agusmakmun, yes thank you, I have found it myself.
Karim Finotti
Nov 30 2016 08:56 UTC
good morning from italy
Damilare Onajole
Nov 30 2016 12:15 UTC
anyone know how I can get mutliple values for a custom django_filter Filter?
like a MultiChoice value?
Imanol Yáñez Sastre
Nov 30 2016 13:35 UTC
Any idea of why AuthStateMissing at /complete/facebook/ (Session value state missing.)?. Was working correctly until today and suddenly this error came out.
Simon Frid
Nov 30 2016 19:25 UTC
@kentaro0919 yeah i used it a bunch, essentially django's override_settings function is being overwritten, but i'm not sure if it's due to pytest django or how my settings are configured
in general, the more i django, the more i just play around with how the settings is configured